Who’s That in Our Dorm?

Almost anyone who has stayed in a college dorm has memories of wild and unusual things  that happened.  I believe the strangest time for me was  when a middle-aged   woman wandered  into my building one night.  Girls started whispering and running through the halls,  saying that a crazy woman was in the dorm. I caught a glimpse of    her, and she seemed passive, just walking quietly, not paying attention to anyone.

Although everyone was alarmed that a stranger was in-house, some decided to make         a joke out of it, and I even saw several crowded together in a phone booth, as if they   were trying to hide.  Someone  must have seen a hospital bracelet on her arm, since           I started hearing that she had come from a mental ward.  (That didn’t help me to feel       any better about the situation.)

I stayed in my room most of the time,  which was right next to most of the action, but       I later heard stories about everything that transpired.  The most amusing concerned     our elderly dorm mother, who had her own suite near my room.  She was relaxing on   her chaise lounge, eating crackers and watching television, when the woman came in   and stood over her.  Later our dorm mother told some girls, “After I left . . .”

That’s probably when the authorities were called, then someone finally came and helped the woman get back where she belonged. Everyone seemed to think it was hilarious, but now I take it all more seriously–not just for the safety of girls in the dorm, but for the woman and whatever her problem was.  I’m glad no one was hurt, and that there were   no real  problems.  It was an exciting night we’ll all remember.  Just leave it to a group     of college girls to get fun out of an otherwise worrisome situation.


About dalesittonrogers

I live with my husband, Rick, and our two cats, Mocha and Tiger. I write articles and poetry, and fiction for all ages. I'm excited about my novella, Lost in the Everglades: myBook.to/DaleSRogers and my store: http://www.zazzle.com/designs_by_dale/products?st=date_created Follow me on Twitter! @DaleSRogers
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2 Responses to Who’s That in Our Dorm?

  1. Glad the woman and all of you were safe. =)

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