Earthquakes Make People in the East Tremble (No pun intended)

About four months after two tornadoes hit our area  (as I describe in “Strange Happenings” Part 2),  I was preparing for a guest at our house when my little Siamese, Mocha, and I heard a strange, wind-like sound in the water heater closet.  It seemed        to come from the depths of the earth, and it rose until reaching the water heater, which shook vigorously.  I thought the heater was the problem, and I was afraid it would explode.  Mocha ran into the kitchen (probably to hide in a cabinet), and I was about to step into the bedroom when the shaking reached our stairwell.  The rickety steps made a terrible clatter as the vibrations moved up to the second floor, then I heard our loose attic trap door shake.  (It’s an old house.)

Actually relieved that it could be an earthquake rather than a water heater problem, I listened as it slowly came to an end.  The last thing I heard was the gentle rattle of crystal in the china cabinet, just like I’ve heard on television when an earthquake is simulated.

Almost as soon as it all ended, I glanced outside to see Rick in the backyard, and I told him what happened.  He said he didn’t notice anything, since he was walking around,   but a little later we heard reports of an earthquake which started in Virginia, and we  knew that’s what it was.  Although I never felt much shaking, I definitely heard the house shake.  (Mostly the core, where the steps are.)  Feeling relieved, we had no idea that, just a few days later, another problem was coming our way.

Watching weather reports, we learned that Hurricane Irene was headed for the Eastern Seaboard.  I had been through a couple of hurricanes, and I wasn’t worried. “We’ll just get some wind and rain,” I kept telling Rick.  I was wrong.

(My account of Hurricane Irene is in my post, “My Version of Roughing It.”)


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I live with my husband, Rick, and our two cats, Mocha and Tiger. I write articles and poetry, and fiction for all ages. I'm excited about my novella, Lost in the Everglades: and my store: Follow me on Twitter! @DaleSRogers
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2 Responses to Earthquakes Make People in the East Tremble (No pun intended)

  1. stephanie710 says:

    How ironic that you posted this friends and I were just talking about this at dinner last night. It was such a strange sensation..things continue to get bizarre on the east coast.

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