The Apollo Academy

Author: Kimberly P. Chase
Category: New Adult Science Fiction
Release Date: February 22, 2015
Links: GoodReads, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and KOBO.

Take off with this dynamic, thrill-seeking New Adult Science Fiction series debut. Welcome to the exclusive Apollo Academy, where Aurora is about to discover that achieving her dream is only the first step towards her future.

As the heiress to Titon Technologies, eighteen-year-old Aurora Titon can have whatever she wants—clothes, expensive gadgets, anything money can buy. But all she really wants is to escape her pampered, paparazzi-infested life for the stars. Becoming the first female pilot to train as an astronaut for the exclusive Apollo Academy is exactly the chance for which she has been waiting.


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If you’re looking for action, adventure, and a splash of romance, then Kimberly Chase’s The Apollo Academy is the book for you.  Approximately 170 years into the future, Earthlings are desperate to find new resources to save our planet.  And Aurora, the heiress to Titon Technologies, is as concerned as anyone. But instead of delving into mind-altering tech and ignoring her society’s problems as many do, she’s determined to pass the final initiation test for entrance into the Apollo Academy. Her plan is to become a pilot and make a difference.

This New Adult series captures the essence of what it’s like to leave behind the familiar and take off to the unknown. (No pun intended.) It’s intriguing that a young man with practically no identity sparks the interest of Aurora, who desperately desires to escape hers. And the assortment of characters doesn’t end there. With people keeping secrets,  an antagonist of epic proportions, and a light-hearted best friend, all of the bases are definitely covered.

Chase draws the story together by assigning Zane and Sky, the two young men in Aurora’s new world, their own chapters, giving us a chance to hear their voices and   views on all that transpires. They suspect, as Aurora does, that there’s a saboteur at       the Academy, planning to wreak havoc—as if the training each cadet must endure        isn’t dangerous enough.

It’s both fascinating and disturbing to imagine what our Earth could be like more than 150 years from now, and The Apollo Academy is filled with abundant creativity which helps us to perceive the great and terrible things which could become our future. Follow Aurora’s journey from being over-protected to soaring on her own.


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