What Waterfall?

When I was a teen, I met two brothers who, although their facial features were similar, were different in almost every other way.  The older (let’s call him Tim to protect his privacy) was athletic, tall, and strong.  He played football for our High School State Championship Team, and enjoyed sports in general.  His younger brother, Rob, on           the other hand, stayed inside much of the time, playing the piano and doing other         non-physical activities.  (He was a fabulous pianist, playing at churches and even large conventions.)  I wasn’t aware of many of their activities together, but I did hear one      story I deem worthy of sharing.

At a lake one day, Tim and Rob decided to go canoeing. I imagine things went as they usually do as they paddled around, until they came upon a waterfall or dam. Unfamiliar with the area, they didn’t realize they were being pulled toward the drop-off until it was too late.

I’m sure Tim thought he could jump out of the canoe or right it somehow, but Rob is a little faint of heart.  As they reached the point of no return he declared, “Oh, I give up!” He promptly lay back in the boat. Little did he know that, by lying down, he caused the canoe to remain level as it plummeted the short distance to the water below, and they didn’t have any problems!

So, for all his athletic prowess, Tim has to give his brother credit for getting them out        of that jam.

Little waterfall


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