Look Out for Deer

Red Deer

My husband, Rick, and I lived in the country for nearly six years, and we experienced things there we never had before. Hardly anyone owned a cell phone at the time, so people sometimes stopped by our house to use the phone if they’d had an accident or some other minor emergency. Early one afternoon a large lumber truck stopped next to our home and the driver came to the door. He informed us that a woman down the road had hit a deer with her car and asked him to let us know, since we were acquaintances.

We hurried to our car and started in the direction he indicated, soon spotting a small car on the side of the road. Tire marks on the grass let us know right away that she’d tried to swerve and avoid the deer. Tammy stood next to her car, and she seemed glad to see us. She said that shortly after she left her house, the deer ran in front of her car. Tammy slammed on her brakes to avoid it, and her sunglasses flew off her face and out the window as the car spun around. The animal attempted to leap over it, leaving a long, broad scratch on the windshield, either from a hoof or antler.

We listened to Tammy’s story as she tried to calm down, then she made the under-statement, “It’s been a bad day.” I’m sure she didn’t mean to sound lighthearted or comical, but it almost came across that way, considering how close she’d come to calamity. We took her to our house so she could call her husband and the insurance company. She asked the claims representative, “Am I covered?” then she seemed   relieved at the good news.

When we dropped her off at her house, she relaxed some, and I believe her husband was on his way by then. Some local people removed the deer from the shallow ditch it ended up in, and we were all reminded of how careful we needed to be while driving.   One thing that surprises me is that I never saw a deer wandering around the area the entire time we lived there, even though they were prevalent.



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I live with my husband, Rick, and our two cats, Mocha and Tiger. I write articles and poetry, and fiction for all ages. I'm excited about my novella, Lost in the Everglades: myBook.to/DaleSRogers and my store: http://www.zazzle.com/designs_by_dale/products?st=date_created Follow me on Twitter! @DaleSRogers
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