Does Everyone Have a Twin?

I used to hear that everybody has a twin somewhere in the world.  I didn’t know why it would be true, or if it’s true, but my husband, Rick, and I have both seen ours. For me, it was at a beach in South Carolina when I was about ten or eleven.  My family was staying there for a few days, and we pulled our car off the road for some reason.  Before we took off again, a girl on a bike rode right past my window, and we  glanced, then stared at each other.  I’d never seen anyone I thought looked like me, but I almost felt like I was looking in a mirror!

And I wasn’t the only one who thought so.  Everyone in the car was amazed at the resem- blance, and later they talked about how the girl was looking at me.  I’ve often wondered about my “twin.”  Did she live at the beach or was she on vacation?  Does she still look like me, now that we’re grown?  Does she tell people she’s seen her twin?

Now, what about Rick, you may ask.  After we’d been married about ten years, we were watching the Olympics on television, when we noticed a man helping someone onto the ski jump.  When he turned so we could see his face, he looked just like Rick!  Even his mannerisms and the way he moved were extremely similar to his.  I hope the skier never realized he was shaking his head, which wouldn’t inspire confidence in anyone, but that seemed like Rick too!  We believe the man is German or Austrian, and I wonder about him, also.  I guess both instances were a part of the interesting things in life one never forgets.


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