Mad Men

I’ve often thought a good way to break the ice in a group of people would be to ask each individual the funniest thing they’ve ever seen in person (not on t.v. or in a movie).        The story I would tell happened years ago, when water slides were becoming really  popular.  My husband, Rick, and I were at the beach when we came upon a slide that wasn’t as nice as some, but it was nearby, so we took the plunge.

As soon as we got out of the car, we heard something like a train whistle and turned         to see a man, at least in his late sixties, shooting down the slide, screaming at the top      of his lungs while pushing the person in front of him with his feet!  We laughed all the    way to the entrance of the ride.  When we got our mats and started down the chute, we understood why the man was so close to the poor soul he was tormenting.

The slide reminded me of the board game Mousetrap in the way it was constructed, and   it also seemed like it could fall down at any moment–just like our Mousetrap game did many times.  Hoping it would hold up while we were on it, we slid (no, tried to slide) down, but the pitiful flow of water couldn’t carry us properly.  We scooted and pushed, but everyone eventually bunched together.

On one of our runs, a pre-teen brother and sister, together on a mat, somehow wedged between Rick and me, and they had trouble moving down the slide.  They splashed into the pool just after I did, and someone landed on my neck, pushing me under!  Since          I wear contacts, I didn’t want my head to be submerged, and I especially didn’t want anyone to knock me down.  Standing and wiping water from my eyes, I realized my husband was the culprit!

His explanation?  “I didn’t want to run into those kids.”

“So it was okay to almost kill me?”

Trying to forget the bad experience, I climbed to the top, again risking my life on that helter-skelter slide.

On our last run I got out and stood next to the pool, waiting for Rick.  I heard a familiar sound, then I couldn’t believe my eyes:  Rick was coming down the chute with the elderly man behind him, screaming like a train whistle and pushing him with his feet!

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2 Responses to Mad Men

  1. grapes says:

    Great story! I am afraid of all amusement park rides, whitewater rafting, and most slides, so I enjoy reading about the misadventures of others on them.

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