Tips for Remembering Lists

This mnemonic device from Dale Carnegie helps with lists and remembering things     you want to talk about or do.  Visualize any of the scenarios with your subject in the designated spot.  I like to be creative and imagine different settings according to what   I’m trying to recall.  This example is a grocery list.  [adapted]

One, run.  You see a horse cantering around a rink.  The saddle holds a pineapple.

Two, zoo.  Two monkeys are in their cage, throwing a banana back and forth to each other.

Three, tree.  A huge, umbrella-like tree has oranges hanging from its branches.

Four, door.  You’re trying to open a door, but there’s a jar of mayonnaise blocking it.

Five, hive.  You open a bee hive to find kiwi.

Six, sick.  You visit someone in the hospital, but the bed contains a watermelon.

Seven, heaven.  You look up in the sky, and floating on a cloud is cheese.

Eight, gate.  Instead of a gate, there’s a giant pretzel.

Nine, wine.  Next to a bottle of wine is a bunch of grapes.

Ten, den.  You step into a lion’s den to find a roast.   

I’ve used this method many times over the years, and it helps!


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  1. Thanks! I hope it was helpful.

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